The Leadership of BVC is continuing to monitor the progress that is being made and we are prayerfully considering our response. What we now know is that Phase 4 of the Back on Track Indiana Plan begins on June 14th and that allows gatherings of 250 people and eases many of the other restrictions. Then Phase 5 begins on July 4th.

Our intention is to implement a similar approach to reopening our Sunday services and other programming. We foresee there being three phases to the BVC plan:

The BVC Phase One (Present – June 14th): During this phase our primary point of contact will remain online via Facebook, YouTube and our website. Those who feel comfortable/confident venturing out are welcome to come to the building and be part of the live studio audience. There won’t be any snacks. Children’s Ministry, Prayer Teams, programs or greeters. Masks are highly recommended during this phase.

The BVC Phase Two (June 15th – July 3rd): During this phase we will continue to connect with our online audience while, at the same time, open up our service to the community and also provide an outdoor Children’s Ministry Program. We will also begin to have greeters and snacks BUT will continue to implement the recommended precautions.

The BVC Phase Three (July 4th – Forward): During this final phase we will connect simultaneously to our online audience and our in-house audience. We will begin to return to many of the normal practices that we enjoyed prior to Covid-19 while, at the same time, implementing new precautions to our familiar routines (i.e. changing how we serve communion and snacks, etc.).

Please know that the leadership of BVC is encouraging everyone to exercise the freedom and caution that is appropriate for their personal life situation. For those who choose to continue to join online, we will be there for you each Sunday morning and we support your decision. For those who choose to join us at our facility, we will be there with you too. We give each person the grace to make their own decision and we will support that decision 100%.

If you have any questions, please contact Pastor Denis at (317) 332-1615 or at